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Iconic Photos: The Infamous James Dean Poster

Today we’re starting a series on iconic photographs. Even if you didn’t realize what it was at the time, you have most likely seen the poster of the famous photograph of American film star James Dean before. It’s become an iconic image of not just the actor himself, but also American popular culture and has been reproduced on plenty of different merchandise including posters, t-shirts, mugs, and more.

Where to get the poster

If you’re looking to buy a vintage print of the James Dean poster then eBay is your best bet. With a coupon you can sometimes even get free shipping, which is always nice. Because the  image is no longer in print, you will have to hunt down a used copy of it. However, since the poster was printed pretty widely in the early 90s, many copies are still available in good condition and you can even get one that is framed. Some Etsy sellers have also gotten creative with damaged or less than pristine prints of the poster and turned them into unique pieces of  art. If you’re a big fan of James Dean or buying a gift for someone who is, it’s definitely worth a … Read the rest

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What Is SMS Marketing and Why Should You Be Using It? 

What is SMS marketing? Otherwise known as short message service marketing, SMS refers to the strategy of using text messages to connect with your customers or consumers. You may be familiar with the concept of sending newsletters or developing email campaigns to engage with your customers and remind them that you exist. And with stock photo coupons and a mailchimp membership, creating these campaigns has never been easier. We like CouponPuppy for hosting offers

SMS marketing is simply the process of interacting with your customer base via text message. To better understand how it works and why you need it, jump in and take look at five ways you can use SMS marketing to grow your business.

Opening Rates are Highest of Any Marketing Campaign

Because text messages are such a broadly-used feature of any mobile device, the opening rates for SMS marketing campaigns are very high. Contrast that to the opening rates of email newsletter campaigns, which average at about 30 percent, if you’re lucky. With text message marketing, the opening rate is typically around 98 percent. Moreover, the customers receiving a text message from you tend to open that text message fast, usually within 15 minutes of … Read the rest

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Content Marketing: Three Reasons Listicles and Coupons are Great.

When it comes to content marketing, every brand is seeking the most significant impact. It’s worth remembering though the structure of your content can play as big of a part as what’s within it. Brands aim to write engaging content, but the first thing you must do is to get people to your site in the first place.

That is why free coupons and list articles (aka. “Listicles”, as popularized by Buzzfeed) are so compelling and can lead to high engagement levels. This article aims to develop that point further and discuss some of the major benefits.

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1. They provide an easy structure to follow

When writing it’s easy to get lost in an article, and that can lead to saying too much that doesn’t add depth to the piece. The use of subheadings in list articles provides an easy structure to follow, which helps to organize content in the right place. This structure then helps to create a balanced and informative piece of writing. This increases the chance that people will actually finish reading your article, which is normally quite low according to research.

2. List

Read the rest
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The 5 Best Places to Take Photos of London, plus iStock Promo Codes!

The 5 Best Places to Take Photos of London

London, England, features an eclectic architectural style, with medieval houses sitting next to glass towers, making it a great place to take photos. For those looking to capture the essence of the city from up high, here are five of the best spots to visit.

iStock Coupon Codes For Professional, Affordable London Pictures

One way to get amazing pictures of London is to leave it to the professionals! iStock by Getty Images has thousands of photos of London that you can use on your site for the cost of purchasing a license for that photo. You can also use some istock promo codes to save 20%-30% off that initial cost as well.

Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Integrated with the Tube network, this cable car costs a mere £3.40 for a one-way ride and gives you a distinct view of East London. Enjoy the contrast of Canary Wharf, the O2 Centre and Olympic Park against the industrial backdrop of the Docklands. Starting from the Emirates Royal Docks and landing at North Greenwich makes it the perfect prelude to the next spot.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Not far from the waterside in East … Read the rest

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