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Content Marketing: Three Reasons Listicles and Coupons are Great.

When it comes to content marketing, every brand is seeking the most significant impact. It’s worth remembering though the structure of your content can play as big of a part as what’s within it. Brands aim to write engaging content, but the first thing you must do is to get people to your site in the first place.

That is why free coupons and list articles (aka. “Listicles”, as popularized by Buzzfeed) are so compelling and can lead to high engagement levels. This article aims to develop that point further and discuss some of the major benefits.

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1. They provide an easy structure to follow

When writing it’s easy to get lost in an article, and that can lead to saying too much that doesn’t add depth to the piece. The use of subheadings in list articles provides an easy structure to follow, which helps to organize content in the right place. This structure then helps to create a balanced and informative piece of writing. This increases the chance that people will actually finish reading your article, which is normally quite low according to research.

2. List

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