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Iconic Photos: The Infamous James Dean Poster

Today we’re starting a series on iconic photographs. Even if you didn’t realize what it was at the time, you have most likely seen the poster of the famous photograph of American film star James Dean before. It’s become an iconic image of not just the actor himself, but also American popular culture and has been reproduced on plenty of different merchandise including posters, t-shirts, mugs, and more.

Where to get the poster

If you’re looking to buy a vintage print of the James Dean poster then eBay is your best bet. With a coupon you can sometimes even get free shipping, which is always nice. Because the  image is no longer in print, you will have to hunt down a used copy of it. However, since the poster was printed pretty widely in the early 90s, many copies are still available in good condition and you can even get one that is framed. Some Etsy sellers have also gotten creative with damaged or less than pristine prints of the poster and turned them into unique pieces of  art. If you’re a big fan of James Dean or buying a gift for someone who is, it’s definitely worth a … Read the rest

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